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the experts talk about the product

Learn about herbs, an important ingredient to protect your health

Rebecca Holden shares about Cordy-X product

Dr Garon Harden-Regional Superintendent West Los Angeles Region shares the miraculous effects of cancer treatment from Cordy-X

Dale Degala shares about Cordy-X product

Thomas Le, 20-year trainer of 24-hour Fitness, shared his feelings about SuperHealth-X

Gerald Johnson shared his compliments about Cordy-X -Kenergy Coffee and BCC-X

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Leslie Duran shares about Cordy-X product

Luis’s testimonial about Cordy-X, Kisime LLC

Mr G. G , the new Marketing Director for Kisime LLC/ Kenergy Coffee, for Africa, expressed his feelings about his position.

Duy Nguyen, CEO of Collegesmart foundation, shared his feelings about Cordy-X.

Dave Vongdenane, CEO, Great World Services LLC. share the experience of Kenergy Coffee

Mr Bandar Mansouri, Pilot Captain with more than 25 years of flying for International Boeing Airlines

Mrs Edith C Avanzado, R.D -NHA, a 34-year registered diettian. talked about Cordy-X

The pharmacist shared the wonderful experience of Kenergy Coffee.


EM-A IS NOW EVE'S SECRET Herbal Feminine Product

Share your love from Amanda R.for EM! ARE NOW EVE'S SECRET

Mrs Rachelle Somera Riggs, Stress Management Consultant/Energy Healer, talked about Eve Secret.


Share and feel about Kisime UP-X.

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