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Eve’s Secret is a revolutionary feminine health care product.
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EVE’S SECRET is a revolutionary feminine health care product that is a vaginal suppository designed to rejuvenate and to help restore the vagina without surgery or expensive procedures. It has been formulated to achieve the best results while retaining the quality of its natural ingredients. The female genitalia is made up of numerous muscles and other soft tissues. It loses strength and elasticity over a period of time, especially after childbirth. A loose “love canal” severely decreases the quality of sex, sensation and pleasure during sexual intercourse. EVE’S SECRET could be your key to unlocking the sensation that has been hidden. EVE’S SECRET may also help reduce urinary incontinence, could eliminate odors and may also heighten sensitivity and pleasure for you and your partner!



* PHELLODENDRI CORTEX : bitter, cold

Action & Indications :

– Drains damp- heat, particularly from the lower burner : for such problems as thick, yellow vaginal discharge

foul-smelling. Drains fire and relieves toxicity: for fire toxin generated sores and damp lesions of the skin.

USE IN GYNECOLOGY : External preparations of PHELLODENDRI CORTEX.have been useful in the treatment

of vaginitis and cervicitis from Trichomonas infection.


Actions & indications :

– Clear heat and dries dampness, stop bleeding. SCUTELLARIAE BAICALENSIS RADIX has

been shown to have a rather brood antimicrobial spectrum. it had an inhibitory effect in vitro againskany

pathogenic bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus, Corynebacterium diphtheria, Pseudomonas….

* RHIZOMA RHEI : Bitter ,cold.

Actions & Indications :

– Clear heat and reduces fire toxicity : used either topically or internally for burnsor hot skin lesions.

* CURCUMAE LONGAE RHIOMA : Acrid ,bitter ,warm

Actions & Indications :

– Invigorates the blood and unblocks menstruation. promotes the movement of qi and allevieates pain.

Antibiotic effect : curcumin has relatively strong in vitro inhibitory effect against Staphilococus aureus.

Animal experiments have shown Curcumae longae rhizome to have some effect against many dermatomycoses

and viruses.

( this statement have not been evaluated by FDA . This product is not intended to diagnose , treat , cure or prevent any disease )

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