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We here at Island Aquatic USA offer a few different ways of delivering your fish. After placing an order for your fish, you will receive a UPS tracking number the day before your fish arrives. Delivery days TUESDAY to FRIDAY only. For more shipping and policy information, read below.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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Shipping and Pick-Up

UPS Next Day Air

We offer delivery directly to your doorstep via UPS next Day Air. We ship via UPS Next Day Air Monday through Thursday only. Which gives you a Tuesday through Friday delivery option. We will not ship any package for Saturday delivery as Fridays are quite busy for UPS. UPS rates vary depending on where you live and how much you are purchasing. You will be able to see your shipping cost prior to placing your order.  It is important that you are home to receive delivery of your fish. If you are unable to be home to receive delivery, we recommend the Hold for Pick Up option. With the Hold for Pick-up option, you can pick up your fish at your local UPS hub.

UPS Suspension of Service Guarantee : Effective March 26, 2020 and until further notice, we have supended the UPS Service Guarantee (also reffered to as the UPS Money Back Guarantee) for all shipments from any origin to any destination. For all U.S. origin shipments, the Service Guarantee supention became effective as of March 24, 2020.

For more information please click the link thank you.

Local Pick up

This is hands down the best method for you to receive your fish. Unfortunately, we know that not all of our customers will be able to come and pick up their fish. If you are local, we would love to have you come and pick your fish from our facility. We are located in 15361 Brookhurst Street Suite 103 Westminster, California 92683. All customers are welcome to come and get your fish at our facility from 12:00nn-8:00pm, Tuesday to Friday, and by Appointment on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All customers who are planning to visit the place or pick-up an order are required to BOOK an APPOINTMENT with us before coming in our facility. We here at Island Aquatic have an open door facility, so even if you’re not buying - please feel free to come down and look at our fish and fish stuffs!

Transshipping Fee/Shipping Policy

We observe strict implementation of policies in all aspects in our businesses. Any unsettled transactions will be held until payment is received from the customer. NO PAYMENT, NO SHIPMENT Policy is implemented and all are expected to adhere to such policy.

If we did not recieve your payment, we hold your fish until you make your payment. After 3 days no payment recieve, we charge $5 per fish per day for holding fee. After one week if we did not hear from you, we will put up your fish for sale to cover the transhipping cost.

We charge $3 per bag for repacking. Refresh water and refresh air same bag no charge.

We sedate all fish for shipping to stabilize them from shock and stress and other occurrences during travel that we have no control of. Not everyone loves their job like we do.

We will house any fish that are not ready to ship and will be shipped another day with customer's permissions.





1"-2"FISH BAG $3


4"FISH BAG $10

5”FISH BAG $15

6”FISH BAG $20

7”FISH BAG $25

8”FISH BAG $30

9"FISH BAG $35

10”FISH BAG $40

11"FISH BAG $50

12”FISH BAG $60

13”FISH BAG $70

14"FISH BAG $80

15"FISH BAG $90

16"FISH BAG $100


Wholesale customer by weight $9 per pounds



12X8X8 Small Box with Styrofoam 

14X10X10 Medium Box with Styrofoam 

18X10X14 Large Box with Styrofoam

24X18X14 Extra Large Box with Styrofoam






*USPS Shipping optional and no Gauranteed.

*Local delivery fee $30 additional from L.A. county and O.C. County

*Aircargo Southwest, Delta  and Alaska $150 packaging, drop off and cargo fee XL Box.

*I accept any debit and credit card and paypal:
All charges with paypal and credit card will have additional of 3.5 percent.


Refunds Policy

Live Arrival Guarantee

We here at Island Aquatic USA work hard to ensure that you receive live healthy fish. We guarantee that your fish will be delivered alive and healthy. If you receive a Dead on Arrival fish do not worry. You will receive a full refund on the fish minus shipping charges. You can choose to receive a refund or receive a credit on your next order. In order to receive a refund or credit, you MUST take a video of the unboxing and the dead fish INSIDE THE TANK. Send an email containing the video to us at Please videotape the fish INSIDE THE FISH TANK focused on the gills to help identify if the fish is still breathing. The email must be sent within TWO HOURS of receiving your fish. You also MUST give us a call within two hours of receiving your package at 805-323-5966 to inform us of the issue. In order to receive the live arrival guarantee, you must be home to receive your fish! Packages that miss their first delivery attempt must be obtained on a second same-day delivery attempt or collected from the shipping facility on the original delivery date. Packages that are obtained the day after the original delivery date will not be covered under the live arrival guarantee. Packages that utilize the Hold for Pickup or Airport-to-Airport option will only be able to get the live arrival guarantee if the package is picked up on the delivery date. Any packages picked up the day after the original delivery date will not be eligible for the live arrival guarantee. We do not refund shipping costs.

Issues, Defects, Not as Described

If you received the fish but has issues/defects or does not meet to what is described in the store, please CALL and EMAIL us NO LATER THAN TWO HOURS of receiving the fish. Please provide a proof by video taping the fish out from the box and have it placed in a clear container that can clearly show any claimed issues or defects.

Fish Size Measurement

As generally known to everyone, fishes are measured by the following rule: "From the TIP of the TAIL to the TIP of the MOUTH".

fish size Comaprisson copy.jpg

Shipping Delays & Issues

Shipping Delays & Issues

Here at Island Aquatic USA, we ship your order on the date scheduled. The transit is now under the carrier's hands. IF any delay that is caused by the shipping company which results to damage of the package, e.g. Fish DOA, we will not cover the SHIPPING refund. Instead, we highly suggest that you submit a claim to the shipping company for the refunds.

The fishes are packaged for a 48-hour delivery. Although our shipping system only takes 24 hours to deliver(UPS Next Day Air), we ensure that the fishes are prepared for any unseen situations such as delays in transit. Therefore, we designed our boxes to have enough margin for 48-hours.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Fee

Here at Island Aquatic USA, we make sure that the fishes are reserved in a separate tank as soon as payment is received. In any case that the customer chooses to cancel the order, we reserve the rights to take 15% of the total value of the fish that were ordered. Thus, refunding only 85% to the customer.

As soon as the customer orders, he/she will have 24 hours of grace period to cancel order WITHOUT getting charged. Beyond that period, 15% will be taken from the total amount of the order.

We are imposing this policy to ensure that the customers are totally aware of their purchases. Processing the fish for every order takes man power and time. Therefore, a cancelled order is already equivalent to a loss in time and man power.




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